House construction

The process starts with a meeting where we discuss all your ideas. Our designer then puts your ideas into a plan that is suitable and follows code. We consult with you again to be sure our design is consistent with what you had imagined. Once the permit is pulled, our team begins the re-design. During the construction process we check in weekly to be sure we are running on time and are able to make any changes needed. At the end of construction, we receive the homeowner’s final approval and proceed with the final inspection.

Services mapping

Services mapping

Our site supervisor oversees and organizes all of the trades efficiently so that your renovation is completed with quality workmanship and in a timely manner.

Interior solutions

Interior solutions

Our design team is experienced in all types of spaces so that even if you are unsure of what you want, we can provide sensible solutions to your renovation. Our unique ideas and layouts will impress even the most meticulous clients.

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Check out how we run our projects - from draft desk to done deal.

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